A Sensory Room fosters an atmosphere of relaxation which is essential for emotional health; it gives a chance to explore feelings and to become interested in their surroundings.

This calming environment is a place for parents/carers to bond with their children, providing a restful and peaceful experience in today’s busy and sometimes stressful lifestyles.

A facility such as this has many benefits as it creates a stimulating and yet calming atmosphere and among other things can help to improve hand and eye co-ordination and develop language skills. The overactive child can be calmed, the inactive become interested.

All children can benefit from using a sensory room to develop fundamental sensory skills needed in later life. Sensory rooms are particularly useful for young people with sight or hearing problems and have been proven to be extremely valuable to people with autism.

Sensory Rooms are not just for children, adults can benefit too. Mental health, stroke, and developmental disability units throughout the country are discovering the benefit of sensory rooms. These therapeutic spaces are designed to promote sensory modulation and facilitate the learning and practice of stress management skills. They offer opportunities for self-discovery and meaningful therapeutic activities. The use of sensory rooms for individual and group treatment is being linked to treatment plans for patients with safety and self-regulation issues.

Available for Hire


We are making our sensory space available for families to hire in half hour and one hour sessions. Families will be shown how to use the equipment safely and how to use it to get the best experience for their children.


Community Groups and Charities

Many small community groups in the City can benefit from using our sensory space to run group activities or one to one support.


Residential and Care Homes

The cost of equipment means many homes struggle to afford sensory rooms, our space can be used to enhance your care home offer.



Sensory equipment can play a valuable role in therapeutic services; speech and language, reflexes, motor control and much more can all benefit from sensory input. Access to quality sensory rooms in the City is limited, so we feel it important to make sure that this facility is available for use by professional services.

There is limited availability, for further information please contact the Beckly Centre

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