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Routeways and Young Minds who are passionate about Young People, Autism and Mental Health together with Plymouth Parent Carer Voice co designed and created the Autism and Mental Health Toolkit. This was created with consultation with young people, families and professionals.  

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In other Words – our project supporting children and young people’s mental health have been given £3000 from the Austin & Hope Pilkington Trust.

The money will help the young people develop self-help books and guides to expand on a previously successful booklet by developing a series of awareness booklets created by young people for young people, carers and professionals. Targeted at young people struggling with their mental and emotional well-being and their families. The guides will be a tool to help understanding and reduce stigma.

Their work will develop some valuable resources written by young people for young people about what it is like to suffer from poor mental health and more importantly what young people can do to help themselves get better. The project will help reduce a lot of stigma around mental health, by giving young people who have experienced mental health issues the opportunity to share how it really is in their words.

There can never be enough resources to engage everybody in the understanding of mental health, it helps a mind to be healthy to be able to experience creativity. It will offer opportunity to those young people who are facing difficulties with their mental health or who have experienced poor mental health and have the drive to want to promote awareness.  Many young people have negative experiences through services, by providing truthful messages of ‘how it really is’ will be a positive aid in helping young people get the right support, treatment and recovery. A great opportunity to express what works well. So others can learn. The project will help in the ongoing battle to eliminate the stigma around mental health.

Working with the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Team and families, we have identified a large cohort of young people who are struggling to cope because of poor mental health, but not poorly enough to need specialist intervention. These children are very likely to go on to develop serious mental health issues or make poor life decisions which could see them head towards a life of criminal activity, abusive relationships or under achieving.
Research by Plymouth City Council as part of a needs analysis estimated that over 8100 children and young people in the city need some form of mental health support.

The perceived stigma of mental ill health and a lack of understanding about mental well-being mean that a significant minority of families do not seek help.
Helping parents, children and young people and other workers likely to be involved with these children to understand and identify unrecognised mental health problems and seek appropriate support and care will be key to this.
We want to provide very early intervention to help young people cope with and address poor mental health. Although there is a plethora of information available on line for young people such as Young Minds; it has to be sought out and searched for. Our approach will make the information freely available through settings accessed by young people.

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